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Have you ever thought that activities or certain situations in your everyday life could be made much easier by an invention or an improvement?

That is why I would like to support you with my ideas and my craftsmanship as a trained agricultural machinery mechanic and CNC lathe operator in your daily work.

  • Orderable repair parts for tractors
  • New developments and customised solutions according to your requirements
  • Helpful constructions

Orderable repair parts for tractors

  • Repair part when the plastic eye on the Bowden cable breaks off for Deutz, SAME, Lamborghini Hürlimann and some Claas tractors
  • Repair parts for broken eyelet, rubber bearing or hold-down device on the cross lever for Deutz, SAME, Lamborghini and Hürlimann tractors

A list of the tractor types for which these repair parts are suitable can be found at the end of the detailed description in the shop.

Damaged parts can be replaced with little effort using the assembly instructions and simple tools supplied.

They minimise repair costs and tractor downtime. The detailed description in the shop contains a calculation of the cost savings.

The repair parts have a very long service life.




New developments according to your requirements

Are there any components on your tractor or other machines that are often defective or seem to you to be in need of improvement?

I would like to help you save high repair and spare parts costs. Please tell me your suggestions, preferably with a picture. For example, trains where the ends are broken or damaged. I can only find out about repairable parts from workshops or farmers who work with these machines.


Customised solutions on request

In my professional career, I have simplified many technical processes in metal technology and helped to save money and time through improvements. One of my developments was patented.

Various individual needs also led to ideas for improvement. Here are some examples of designs that have already been realised..

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